Sunday, May 25, 2008

First day at the pool

Liam had his first swimming lesson this afternoon...well, not really swimming, just kicking around and testing out the cold water. He should enjoy it a lot more once the water warms up, but for now, he's happier snuggled up on a dry shoulder.
Getting lotioned up...

What could he be so mad about? He was happy 5 seconds ago!
Awesome double chin!!!
Mad again...

I love that fat belly!

It's too cold, mom.

He's also getting a lot better at holding his head up on his own. It's still a little wobbly, though, especially when he's tired. It just feels like he was a helpless little bag of sugar for so long, and now he's changing so fast. I still have days when I can't believe I'm a mama. He's grown out of a bunch of his newborn outfits...I can't wait to see how much he weighs at his 2 month checkup on Thursday. He's the sweetest little thing in the world!

Friday, May 23, 2008

My baby smiles at me!

As Liam approaches his nine week birthday on Monday, I thought I'd beter get on the ball and record some of the events of the last couple of weeks.
Weeks seven and eight were full of exciting events...first, he started smiling! Real, honest-to-goodness smiles that could in no way be mistaken for gas! Ha! He's such a happy little guy, especially in the morning. I just kept the camera on the bookshelf above his changing table for the past two weeks and took pictures of him smiling at me. It's the best feeling in the world!
Of course, it's equally as cute (maybe more) when he frowns. That little lower lip just kills me. You can't help but make the same face right back at him. I love this baby.

Another milestone was his "talking". He's been cooing and ahh-ing up a storm...again, especially first thing in the morning. We'll have whole conversations together just smiling and making baby's the best! James and I had the best time playing with him last night before bed. Liam just loves making faces and talking to his daddy. :)

I just have to scoop him up and cuddle him when he starts frowning. He absolutely melts my heart. :)

And probably one of the biggest milestones of the past two weeks was his ability to sleep through the night! The first night was on the 15th at 7 1/2 weeks when he slept a solid 8 hours. I woke up and it was daylight and realized I hadn't gotten up all night...I jumped out of bed & looked in his bassinet - he was just lying there looking around and kicking his little feet. But then the next night it was back to the 3:00 a.m. feeding. He's sleping longer stretches (averaging about 5 hours at a time right now) as the weeks go by, and he slept another eight hours this week on the 20th at 8 weeks.

So there you have it! I have the most amazing baby in the world!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Our first Mother's Day and Liam's Dedication

My first Mother's Day was wonderful & sure to be a day full of sweet memories. We chose today to have Liam dedicated to the Lord at Church - it's something we did in our hearts before he was even born, but the outward expression was just as important. Here are some pics from the day...
It's a good thing Pastor Jeff had his mic turned up - Liam got pretty rowdy!

Here we are with the proud grandparents
When will this be over & I can eat?!?!

My mom had everyone back over to the house for lunch after Church. Poor Liam was tuckered out after such an eventful service!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Sunday School Picnic

Liam enjoyed some outdoor time at his first Church picnic on Sunday. The weather was perfect and the company was wonderful! Here are some pics from the afternoon :)
Liam's buddy Harper Davis

And afterwards, it was high time for a much-needed nap for mommy & baby. A perfect Sunday afternoon!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Eyes turning brown?

James and I noticed two days ago while holding him in the sunlight that he had a pie-shaped brown streak in one eye! His eyes have been dark blue since birth, but this is the first brown we've seen. I thought they would just gradually turn from blue to bluish-brown to brown (if they were going to change) this was pretty cool!
I'll try to keep track of the progress & if we notice any more changes...