Thursday, December 11, 2008

Liam meets Santa

James had the day off today (thanks, rain!), so we went to the Mall of Georgia to take care of a very important Christmas tradition-in-the-making: visiting Santa Claus! I think I was secretly hoping for a classic screaming-baby shot, but he did very well! (I'm sure we'll have one of those eventually!) He was pretty interested in Santa's outfit...all in all, I think he did pretty well! See you next year, Santa!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving post - finally!

Well, it's a week late, but here are pics from Thanksgiving! My youngest sister, Brie, closed on her first house the day before, so we have been busy painting and moving her in since then.
Liam quite enjoyed his first Thanksgiving...he tried real mashed potatoes (loved them), sweet potatoes (hated them), and pretty much anything else that was soft and mushy. He also got to meet Bella, my sister Amy's chihuahua/mountain feist mix. Not a fan. He spent the last part of his time at G&G Neuhart's snuggled up on Grandma's shoulder on the swing, one of his favorite places to be. Then it was off to the Adair's for a delicious honeybaked ham dinner...and James reportedly LOST 3 pounds over the weekend. Jerk.
Liam and his Uncle Nick

Aunt Amy and Uncle Nick
Meeting Bella...

Aunt Amy and Aunt Brie
Too cool for Ladderball
I don't think she's winning...Nope!
Enjoying all of the "free time"!
Watch that necklace, Grandma!
That looks like a sleepy kid!
I love those cheeks!!!
Yup, sleepy kid.
It's hard work being a baby.
Playing with Daddy at G&G Adair's house
Trying out my awesome new highchair at G&G Adair's
Check out my two new teeth!
I can eat Cheerios really well with them now!
Happy Thanksgiving!