Friday, April 25, 2008

Funny faces

Funny faces! One of the rare moments he was awake and very expressive! Note how the series ends, though...a more typical picture of his wake time :)

We were concerned with how Baxter would do around him...she's not so good around toddlers. She's mostly curious and pretty gentle around him. She runs back and forth between his bassinet (or wherever he's sleeping) and me when he starts crying with her ears pinned back - so funny. She's a great dog, we're happy she's good with him.

And here he is after his 4:00 feeding. Note the wardrobe change - he projectile puked half of it back up on me. Nice. But despite the puking (really doesn't happen that much), he's managed to pack on the pounds. He was 9 lbs. 10 oz. today at his one month checkup. Some of his clothes are getting tight, I can't believe how much he's changed in just one month.

He absolutely crushes me when he smiles...I can only imagine what it'll do to me when his smiles are actually because he's happy & not just a fluke caught on camera. Seriously, my heart aches with joy when I consider what an enourmous gift God has blessed us with.
1 Samuel 1:27-28

Thursday, April 24, 2008

One Month Old

The little man is officially one month old hard to believe! I was sitting on the couch last night holding him asleep on my belly and I couldn't believe he ever fit in there. :)
Here he is having sweet little baby dreams...
He goes in for his one month checkup tomorrow. I can't wait to see how much the little fattie weighs!
He looks so peaceful...but don't let him fool you. If he's not sleeping, he's either eating or crying. In rare cases, he's content to sit and look around and make faces at us, which we love!Here he is asleep in his playpen. He likes to sleep all stretched out like his daddy. :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

First bath!

Monday marked a milestone for baby Liam - the nasty cord stump fell off! Yay!
So he was officially ready for his first real in-the-tub bath. He handled it well...we were prepared to wrestle with a slippery, screaming 3-week old, but instead, he actually seemed to enjoy it!Big sneeze!

I thought he might not want this original photo resurfacing 16 years down the road, so I provided a bit of censorship for the lil' guy :) All clean!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

One week portraits

We wanted to remember how small and perfect he was when we first met our little munchkin, so we had portraits made on Tuesday.
So sleepy!
I love this one!

Connie says that when a baby this small smiles, angels are tickling his feet.
His angels must stay busy, because he smiles so much!

This one was my favorite...

Liam comes home!

We brought the little bundle home on Wednesday (one week before his due date) and real life began to settle in slowly. Nothing could have prepared us for how much something so small could change our lives in such a big way. We're loving every minute!
Too tired to eat! He decided that once he got home, he didn't want to nurse anymore. We switched to formula out of necessity, but by the time he went to his first doctor's appointment on Friday, he had lost almost a pound and was jaundiced. Turns out that the jaundice made him sleepy, so he wouldn't eat. But he needed to eat to make the jaundice better. This was a tough couple of days until he decided he was ready to nurse again...the formula wasn't too kind to his tummy. But as of Monday, he's gained back all but 5 oz. of his birthweight and his jaundice is all but gone. Praise God!
Dad demonstrates the "football" hold that is SO effective in burping the little guy!

Uncle Nick gets a good dose of birth control from holding a very angry Liam. :) Autie Stef
Uncle Kent
Great Aunt Brenda and Great Uncle James came to see Liam all the way from Tennessee!
Grandad and Liam just hanging out...
Proud Granny

Have you ever seen such beautiful skin?
Fat baby = happy mama. Here we are after his weight check on Saturday.
He had gained 5 oz. in just one day!

Tired daddy! This was too sweet of a moment to miss.
Nana and Grandpa brought Liam a cupcake to celebrate his 1 week birthday.
We'll be happy to eat it for him! :) Thanks to Kelly for taking these pictures...

Wednesday morning (April 2) and our first day home without daddy...6:00 p.m. seems so far away!
Thanks to Katie for coming over for lunch and offering such wonderful fellowship and mommy advice!

Thanks to everyone who came to visit during the first few days - we loved seeing you all and sharing our little man with you!

More hospital pictures...

We had so many visitors to welcome Liam - it was so good to see all of you!
Here are some pictures from the two days in the hospital after he was born.
Proud Nana & Grandpa

Liam meets his pediatrician

Auntie Meg
Uncle Jeremy and Auntie Erica
Girlfriend Zoe! Their due dates were actually he same day, but Zoe beat him by 11 days.
Aren't they cute together??