Sunday, November 15, 2009

First Birthday Party!

We had planned to have most of Liam's first birthday party outside, but Mother Nature had different plans. It rained all day and forced 50 of our closest friends indoors! We had a great time eating a yummy Lowcountry boil that James cooked on the back porch under some tents and Liam was adorable opening presents and of course, eating his cake. Our AWESOME neighbor Jason Fobart brought his camera and took the most amazing if the photos below are beautiful, they're his (my photos are also sprinkled'll be able to tell the difference!). :)
mailbox with monogramed pennant I designed for the little man

the back porch feebly covered in tents...

my girls!
still not walking by myself yet, but I love to practice!

party favors for my friends

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